SCPL Local History Gallery Keyword Album: Business--Trades

Keyword Album: Business--Trades

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Brights Blacksmith and Welding Shop, specializing in truck and auto springs, electric welding, truck bodies, and ornamental iron works, was located on Soquel Avenue.


The interior of a smithy.

Views: 1800
Subject Headings and Keywords: Business--Trades, Plows, Bicycles, Men, Clothing and Dress


The interior of Jensen Brothers Auto Company, located at Front and Cooper Streets.


The interior of the carpenter shop in the Union Traction carbarn, located at Pacific Avenue and Sycamore Street.


The interior of the Bright Brother's business on Front Street.

Views: 1683
Subject Headings and Keywords: Business--Trades, Wheels, Anvils, Men, Clothing and Dress


Two men shoeing a horse.

Views: 1902
Subject Headings and Keywords: Business--Trades, Portraits--Group, Horses, Trucks, Blacksmithing, Men


This barn was once used as a factory, where drums and boxes were made to ship local artichokes and brussel sprouts.

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