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Keyword Album: Clothing and dress

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Ansley Kullman Salz holding a sample of the leather made by his company, the A. K. Salz Tannery in Santa Cruz, California.


Salz employee Parky Hibbard tacks leather to large boards prior to drying.


Broken glass from plate glass storefronts and some relieved survivors immediately after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake


Mel Stubendorff and an unnamed Salz Tannery co-worker tack the hides up to large boards prior to drying.


Ansel Adams photographed this Salz employee to illustrate a typical beamhouse outfit.


A Salz employee illustrates the scudding process that removed fine hair roots from the hides.


Salz employee Red McCafferty and a co-worker work with a machine called a "splitter" to separate the hide structure into two distinct layers.


Joe Bellas, plant superintendent at the Salz Tannery during the 1950's holds the finished leather product.


A Salz tannery employee glazing California Saddle Leather (TM).

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