SCPL Local History Gallery Keyword Album: Industries--Tanneries--Salz Tannery

Keyword Album: Industries--Tanneries--Salz Tannery

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Santa Cruz artist Gene Flores designed a sculpture for Salz Tannery that was both beautiful and functional.


The installation of the Salz fountain in 1975 required an enormous crane to move the sculpture from River Street down into the courtyard.


The Salz sculpture was hoisted by crane and paused on River Street prior to its installation in the tannery courtyard.


Salz Tannery employed about 185 people in 1985.


Jeremy Lezin took this aerial photograph of the Salz Tannery sometime in the 1980's.


About 130 people worked for Salz Tannery when this photo was taken in 1998.


Norman Lezin, chairman of Salz Leathers Inc., walks through the company's River Street plant Friday, hours after the announcement the 145-year-old company will cease operations.


The Salz Leathers sign includes the logo as well as the phrase "natural leather since 1861".


Jeremy Lezin, right, is the new president of Salz Leathers.

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