Along the San Lorenzo River, the stage and seats are prepared for the 1912 Water Pageant. $15,000 was expected to be spent on preparations. The amphitheater was capable of seating 4000 spectators. It was built on 'Pageant Island' in the middle of the river.

Date: July 1912
Place: Santa Cruz City
Sources of Information: Written on back of photograph; Sentinel 7/10/1912 p.6 c.4, 7/18/1912 p.1 c.1, 7/19/1912 p.1 c.1; Surf 6/27/1912 p.8 c.3, 7/29/1912 p.2 c.1
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Original Size: 6"x4"(?)
Medium: b&w

This photograph is the property of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries, California.

Full size: 600x423
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