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Caution tape surrounds the demolition zone behind the Good Times building during the cleanup after the 1989 earthquake.


A shovel cleans up the remains of demolished buildings in downtown Santa Cruz


Almost the same shot as the previous one, with a better view of the building on the left


Post Office, Watsonville, CA

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Subject Headings and Keywords: Government--Post Offices


Pacific Avenue, with all the buildings still fenced off; signs on the fence indicate where businesses have reopened


In a damaged office building, puppets and a Christmas tree are seen in a top floor window from Pacific Avenue


A look through the void where the Flatiron had been


Chittenden Post Office was established on April 12, 1893 and discontinued on June 15, 1923.

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Subject Headings and Keywords: Government--Post Offices, False Fronts


Post Office at Chittenden.

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Subject Headings and Keywords: Government--Post Offices, Men, Clothing and Dress, False Fronts
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