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SCPL Local History Photograph Collection

The Santa Cruz Public Libraries' Photograph Collection contains more than 1000 local history photographs, dating from the 1860s to the 1990s. Whenever possible, there are notes for each photograph describing the event, persons, buildings, date, and place depicted. The notes also include links to related articles on our website.

Size: 991 items


This photograph was taken in 1954 when hides were still hand-scudded.


Ansel Adams photographed this Salz Tannery employee working on the glazing process that made the California Saddle Leather TM unique.


Vegetable tanned - or tanoak - leather was hung until ready for shipping.


Salz plant superintendent, Joe Bellas, holds the finished product.


The historic Salz smokestack dated back to the beginnings of the tannery in the 1890's.


Salz president, Norman Lezin graduated from Reed College and originally wanted to pursue a career as a government worker.


This aerial photograph of Salz Tannery was taken in the early 1950's possibly by Vester Dick Photography.


Salz employees Chuck Anstead (left) and Joe Bellas work with a Sheridan Press.


This photo of the Salz Tannery lunchroom was taken sometime during the mid-1950's.

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