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The Santa Cruz Public Libraries' Photograph Collection contains more than 1000 local history photographs, dating from the 1860s to the 1990s. Whenever possible, there are notes for each photograph describing the event, persons, buildings, date, and place depicted. The notes also include links to related articles on our website.

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Salz owner and president, Norman Lezin inspects tanoak bark.

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Salz sales manager Howard Halper presented Miss California (name not known) with a leather gift at the tannery.


The oldest building at Salz was probably built around 1861.


"Papa" Anecito used horse and wagon to transport the tannoak bark from the drying sheds across Highway 9 to the main Salz Tannery buildings.


Tan pits could be dangerous so employees often worked in pairs while removing vegetable tanned hides from them.


Green bark was removed from a tanoak tree.


This Salz Tannery greeting card featured a product display that included fine saddles, personal leather goods and luggage.


San Lorenzo Tannery employees used sharp knives to "hand flesh" or separate the flesh from the hides.


Stripping tannoak from trees was a labor intensive process.

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