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SCPL Local History Photograph Collection

The Santa Cruz Public Libraries' Photograph Collection contains more than 1000 local history photographs, dating from the 1860s to the 1990s. Whenever possible, there are notes for each photograph describing the event, persons, buildings, date, and place depicted. The notes also include links to related articles on our website.

Size: 991 items


Twin Lakes trestle reconstruction after a washout halted service to Capitola on the Union Traction line.


Streetcar No. 18 (Santa Cruz, Capitola and Watsonville Railway Company or Union Traction Company) westbound at Opal, on the Capitola branch.


Union Traction's car No. 18's rear door was sealed for one-man service.


Union Traction "Sacramento" streetcar No. 4 southbound on Pacific Avenue between Cooper and Water Streets.


Union Traction Company's open bench trolley No. 31 along Pacific Avenue between Cathcart and Laurel.


Union Traction's car No. 16 on Water Street.


Union Traction streetcar No. 30.


Streetcar No. 9 of the Santa Cruz, Capitola and Watsonville Railway at the end of the line in Capitola.


Union Traction Company's streetcar No. 17's frame rots away on a 7th Avenue farm north of the Southern Pacific track.

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