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SCPL Local History Photograph Collection

The Santa Cruz Public Libraries' Photograph Collection contains more than 1000 local history photographs, dating from the 1860s to the 1990s. Whenever possible, there are notes for each photograph describing the event, persons, buildings, date, and place depicted. The notes also include links to related articles on our website.

Size: 991 items


Southern Pacific's Number 2520, on Beach Street.


The southeast corner of the Capitola Avenue and San Jose Avenue intersection.


Santa Cruz Railroad passenger train crossing the trestle bridge in Capitola.


Group on the Capitola Beach.


Paving the Esplanade during the Rispin years.


The footbridge across the San Lorenzo River.

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Subject Headings and Keywords: Bridges, Nature--Rivers and Streams--San Lorenzo River


Wagon and buggy crossing the 1882 Water Street Bridge.

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The Pope House, located on Mission Hill, was a stopping place for the wealthy and social elite of San Francisco.

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Subject Headings and Keywords: Hotels, Camps, etc.--Other Hotels, etc., Porches, Fences


Union Traction Company streetcar on Woodrow Avenue near Delaware.

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