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SCPL Local History Photograph Collection

The Santa Cruz Public Libraries' Photograph Collection contains more than 1000 local history photographs, dating from the 1860s to the 1990s. Whenever possible, there are notes for each photograph describing the event, persons, buildings, date, and place depicted. The notes also include links to related articles on our website.

Size: 991 items


A sailor and two civilians standing on the deck of one of the ships in the Great White Fleet, which came to Santa Cruz as part of a worldwide tour.


Three battleships, part of the Great White Fleet.


On the deck of one of the battleships of the Great White Fleet.


View of early Capitola, with group of people on the beach.


Eli J. Wood and his son, Robert A. Wood, delivering four cords of oak wood to the Capitola Hotel.


View of the Hotel Capitola.

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Subject Headings and Keywords: Hotels, Camps, etc.--Hotel Capitola


Ivy-covered building at the corner of Monterey and Capitola Avenues.


Capitola Avenue, showing trolley tracks and electrical lines.

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Subject Headings and Keywords: Roads and Streets, Capitola, Automobiles, Palms, Street, Railroads


Parade along Capitola Avenue, with unidentified marching band.

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