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Santa Cruz Newspaper Clipping File

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1984 Dec 28Title: Today's continuation schools are not what they used to be
By: Shender, Steve
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Clipping Filed Under: Schools--Miscellaneous to 1989
Additional Subject(s): Schools--Loma Prieta, Santa Cruz County--Schools- other 1980-1984 (at Aptos Library)
Clipping Location: Downtown
1981 Mar 27Title: One-Third Of Loma Prieta Seniors Yet To Pass Competency Tests
By: Townsend, Sylvia
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Comments: Loma Prieta high school
Clipping Filed Under: Santa Cruz County--Schools-other 1980-1984 (at Aptos Library)
Additional Subject(s): Schools--Loma Prieta, Schools--Test Scores
Clipping Location: Downtown
1971 Mar 22Title: Students Learn 'They Can Do Something'
By: Ambrosi, Paula
Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel
Comments: pictures, 2 copies
Clipping Filed Under: Schools--Loma Prieta
Additional Subject(s):
Clipping Location: Downtown

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