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Santa Cruz Local News Index

About this Database

This database is an online index to early newspapers published in Santa Cruz County, California: Santa Cruz Surf, Pacific Sentinel, Santa Cruz Sentinel, and Mountain Echo.

Santa Cruz Newspapers

The original paper indexes to the Santa Cruz Daily Surf, the Santa Cruz Evening News, and the Santa Cruz Sentinel were created by the Santa Cruz County Genealogical Society as part of a project that started in 1982--and which continues today. Without this group of dedicated indexers, the online database would not have been possible.

The disclaimers included with the print version apply to this database as well: "The dates and pages printed in the paper were occasionally incorrect. This index records them as printed, not as they should have been. And, the same [holds true] for the spelling of names. Check all possible variants of a name."

The current online index covers the

  • Santa Cruz Surf, 1883 - 1900
  • Pacific Sentinel and Santa Cruz Sentinel, 1856 - 1884

Print copies of the indexes are available at the Downtown Branch Reference Desk. Another online source of local newspaper articles is the index to the Library's Newspaper Clipping File.

The Mountain Echo

The Mountain Echo newspaper was published in Boulder Creek, California, from October 24, 1896 to December 23, 1916. Microfilm of the newpaper is available at the Downtown Branch Library and the Boulder Creek Library.

The online index includes births, deaths, and personal names. It is an excerpt from a print index that includes additional subjects. The complete paper index is available for reference use at the Downtown Branch Library and the Boulder Creek Branch Library.

The print index was created by dedicated volunteers over many years. Later it was converted from cards to a database by Stanley D. Stevens. Permission to use The Mountain Echo Index database was generously given by Mr. Stevens and by the Friends of the Boulder Creek Library, who sponsored the original indexing project. Mr. Stevens' introduction to the print edition gives more information about the publisher and the indexing project.

Obtaining the actual article

The majority of the articles referenced in the index are available on microfilm at the Downtown Branch. If you live outside Santa Cruz County, copies of individual articles may be available by contacting the Reference Department.