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Photo of Ruth Bellus

Ruth Bellus (r.)
Branch Librarian
Garfield Park Library
ca. 1922-1923

About this Project

The Local History Photograph & Postcard Collection contains more than 1500 images, dating from the 1860s to the 1990s.

Information about each image:

Each image is shown as a thumbnail, with the option to enlarge. Information about the image itself and what it depicts are given in the accompanying notes. Whenever possible, the notes include:

  • the date, location, occasion, and individuals pictured
  • links to relevant articles in the Local History section of this Website.
  • sources used to identify the image
  • ownership of the image
  • dimensions and medium of original image

Three ways to find images:

The Subject Catalog is a good place to start browsing the collection. It is a list of major local history subjects. Each image is listed under one or more subjects in the Catalog. Subjects can also be browsed from within the album by clicking on the subject heading/keyword links that appear under each thumbnail and enlarged image.

The Keyword Search feature allows you to look for a specific word or words. It is useful for locating incidental objects, proper names, dates, and places mentioned in the notes for each image. The search form can also be used to search the subject categories in the Subject Catalog.

You may also browse the thumbnails using the page navigation provided within the online album. Clicking a thumbnail will take you to an enlarged view of the image, which is accompanied by detailed notes.

For more detailed information on finding images, read the Help page. The Help page is an option on the menu at the top of each screen.

Can you help us identify these images?

We would like to know more about the people, places, dates, and events depicted in these images. If you can help us, please email us.

Ownership and restrictions on the use of the images:

The majority of the photographs and postcards in this collection belong to the Santa Cruz Public Libraries. The collection is enriched by the generous loan of materials from other agencies, nonprofits, and individuals.

The images in this collection are intended for viewing on this Website. One copy of an image may be printed for personal use, giving the owner/copyright holder credit. The images are the property of the owner/ copyright holder. They may not be used on the Internet, published, or used in any other way without the expressed, written permission of the owner or copyright holder. Restrictions on use, with a list of owners/copyright holders.

Text accompanying the images is copyright 2000 Santa Cruz Public Libraries, California.