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Photo of Robert Orton, S.C. Co. Sheriff in the 19th century.

Robert Orton,
in the 1870's.

Restrictions on Use & Reproduction Policy

The Santa Cruz Public Libraries' Photograph & Postcard Collection contains more than 1500 local history photographs and postcards, dating from the 1860s to the 1990s. These images are intended for viewing on this Website. Each image has been credited and those owned by the Library System are available for use by the public.

The library will reproduce these images in a variety of formats for the minimum reproduction cost per photo of $20.00. We can make them available on CD or via email. There is also a basic use fee of $15.00 per photo for non-profit uses. In certain circumstances, this fee may be waived when the proposed use is by a student for academic purposes. There is a commercial use fee of $100.00 per image if the image will be used in for-profit circumstances.

The library grants one-time use permission only, and requests for waiver of this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Commercial use fee may be increased when multiple uses are requested.

The Library System requires that all uses credit the collection of the Santa Cruz City-County Library System and that no image may be altered without prior permission. Text accompanying the images is copyright 2000, 2001, 2002 Santa Cruz Public Libraries, California.

To request a reproduction, contact Diane Cowen by telephone at (831) 427-7707 ext. 7763, fax at (831) 427-7701, or email VirtualServices@santacruzpl.org. A photograph request form can also be mailed to:

Santa Cruz Public Libraries
ATTN: Diane Cowen
117 Union Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Please allow at least 7 days to process your request.

Image Numbers Beginning with:

No letter designation-- Property of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries, California

aa--Property of the Lezin Family and the Ansel Adams Trust.

ao-- Property of Alverda Orlando.

bw-- Image by Brett Weston. Property of the Lezin Family. Used with the permission of the Lezin Family and the Brett Weston Archive.

citydir-- From an advertisement in a city or county directory more than 70 years old. The Library believes that these are in the public domain.

cmc-- Property of Cindy Martin-Campbell.

cov--Property of the Lezin Family and Covello and Covello.

em-- Courtesy of Rev. Ed Muegee.

heu-- Donated to SCPL by Jules M. Heumann.

hm-- Property of Harry Mayo.

ja-- Copyright James Carl Aschbacher.

jh-- Property of Jack Howe.

jhc-- Courtesy of James H. Cheverton.

jp-- Copyright John Plock.

kr-- Property of Keith and Dee Kraft.

loc-- Property of the Library of Congress.

mah-- Property of the Museum of Art and History at the McPherson Center.

mdp-- Property of Marion Dale Pokriots.

om-- Published in issues of Overland Monthly. Specific date of issue is given in the notes accompanying the photo.

pr-- Courtesy of Phil Reader.

pw-- Property of the Public Works Department of the City of Santa Cruz.

rh-- Courtesy of Rick Hyman.

rs-- Copyright Ray Sherrod.

salz--Property of the Lezin Family.

sccfu-- Property of the Santa Cruz City Firefighters' Union.

sccs-- Property of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Office

scpl-- Property of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries, California.

scm-- Property of the Santa Cruz City Museum of Natural History. For information regarding reproduction of these images contact the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History. (831) 420-6119.

sen-- Property of the Santa Cruz County Sentinel.

svhs-- Courtesy of the Scotts Valley Historical Society.

tl-- Property of Tom Leonard.

wd-- Property of the Water Department of the City of Santa Cruz.