Which Phone Book?  Which Phone Book?

An Index to California Phone Books

Search for a phone book Find phone books that have listings for a town or area code

For the names of telephone books covering a particular town in California, enter the name of the town in the form above. Type at least the first four letters of the town. Capitalization is not necessary.
For a list of telephone books that include a particular area code in California, type the three-digit area code.

What is "Which Phone Book?"

"Which Phone Book" tells you which telephone book (or books) has listings for the California community or area code that you want. It includes all of the California telephone books that public libraries in California may request from the phone company. It also includes out-of-state phone books that include California communities. The index is updated continuously.

How do I get actual phone numbers?

You may use the California telephone books at these branch libraries: Central, Branciforte, Aptos, Boulder Creek, Live Oak or Scotts Valley. You may also get numbers by calling Directory Assistance at (area code) 555-1212. Or, if you need three numbers or less, the Library's telephone reference service can help you at 427-7713.

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