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Local Ballot Measures

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Measure A (1996 March)
Ordinance Changing Appropriations Limit Under Article XIIIB of the California Constitution
"Shall an ordinance submitted by the Board of Directors of the Zayante Fire Protection District of Santa Cruz County to the voters of the Zayante Fire Protection District be approved in order to change the district's appropriations limit and to provide continued funding for fire protection, fire prevention, and other public services provided by the district under the Fire Protection District Law of 1987 for the benefit of the Zayante Fire Protection District residents?" Approved. Yes: 977 No: 157

Measure B (1996 March)
Ordinance of the Pajaro Valley Fire Protection District Establishing a Benefit Assessment to Finance Fire Suppression Services
"Shall the Pajaro Valley Fire Protection District be authorized to impose a benefit assessment fee on real property within the district to establish a stable source to operate and maintain fire suppression equipment and services, and firefighting personnel, or for the purpose of paying the salaries and benefits of firefighting personnel? Such fees shall not exceed the amount specified in the ordinance for real property with the district. This fee shall take effect upon the approval of a simple majority of the voters voting upon said fee." Approved. Yes: 1,639 No: 1,289

Measure C (1996 March)
Charter Amendment Initiative. Compulsory Arbitration for Fire Department Employee Disputes.
"Shall the Charter of the city of Santa Cruz be amended by adding a new Section 1119 of Article XI to provide Compulsory Arbitration for Non-Management Fire Department Employee Disputes Concerning Wages, Hours, or Other Terms and Conditions of Employment, the text of which is set forth in Section 2 of Resolution No. NS-22,516, adopted by the City Council of the City of Santa Cruz on Tuesday, November 28, 1995, and on file in the office of the City Clerk?" Approved. Yes: 9,248 No: 5,580