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Local Ballot Measures

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Measure A (1996 November)
City of Capitola. Transient Occupancy Tax.
"The Capitola Municipal Code provides that a transient occupancy tax shall be paid by those occupying, for less than a 30 day period, a room in a hotel, motel, inn or similar business. In 1992 the Capitola City Council changed the rate of that tax from 8% (of the room rate charged) to 9%. Is that change approved?" Yes: 2,527 No: 1,606

Measure B (1996 November)
Santa Cruz County Public Libraries - Replacement Sales Tax.
"Shall Ordinance No. 1 of the Santa Cruz County Public Library Authority be approved to provide funding to maintain local public libraries, to acquire books, educational materials, technology, and computers, to improve educational programs for children, adults and seniors and to repair, upgrade and expand library facilities by levying a local sales tax for a maximum period of 16 years to replace the existing local sales tax when it expires on March 31, 1997?" Approved. Required 2/3 vote. Yes: 71,577 No: 27,661

Measure C (1996 November)
Felton Fire Protection District. Increase the Number of Directors on the Board.
"Shall the Felton Fire Protection District increase the number of members serving on the Board of Directors from three (3) to five (5)?" Approved. Yes: 1,906 No: 861

Measure D (1996 November)
City of Watsonville. Mobile Home Park Rent Stabilization.
"Shall Chapter 3 of Title 11 of the Watsonville Municipal Code be repealed and a new Chapter 3 of Title 11 be added to the Watsonville Municipal Code by referendum pertaining to 'Mobile Home Park Rent Stabilization'?" Approved. Yes: 4,841 No: 1,814

Measure E (1996 November)
City of Scotts Valley. Repeal and Replace Utility Users Tax.
"Shall the City Council of the City of Scotts Valley, in accordance with Resolution No. 1568.2, repeal the existing 4% utility users tax, adopted by Ordinance No. 109.3, and replace it with a new ordinance, a copy of which is on file in the Office of the City Clerk, establishing a 5% utility users tax upon all telephone, gas, and electric services, to become effective July 1, 1997?" Failed. Yes: 1,741 No: 2,873