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Local Ballot Measures

>> 1980 -- 1984  >> 1980 June Primary  

Measure A (1980 June)
[County of Santa Cruz. Nuclear Weapons
An Ordinance Prohibiting the Manufacture or Testing of Nuclear Weapons in the County of Santa Cruz.] Failed. Yes: 26,166 No: 45,118

Measure B (1980 June)
[County of Santa Cruz. Building Permits
An Ordinance Amending Chapter 13.41 of the Santa Cruz County Code Relating to Allocation of Building Permits to Encourage Energy Conservation Measures Under the Growth Management System.] Failed. Yes: 30,456 No: 36,581

Measure C (1980 June)
City of Santa Cruz Charter Amendment Repealing Article X
"Shall the Charter of the City of Santa Cruz be amended by repealing Article X thereof, providng for the creation of boards and commissions, the method of appointment of members of boards and commissions, and the powers and duties of various enumerated boards and commissions, and by adding a new Article X to provide the authority for the City Council to create, by ordinance, such boards and commissions as in its judgment are required, and to provide for the powers and duties of such boards and commissions, and to establish the number, manner of appointment, and term of office of the members of such boards and commissions, the text of which is set forth in Section 3 of Resolution No. NS-13, 758 adoped by the City Council of the City of Santa Cruz on Tuesday, February 26, 1980, and on file in the office of the City Clerk?" Failed. Yes: 7,105 No: 8,130