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Local Ballot Measures

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Measure A (1983 June)
[Aptos Fire Protection District. Special Fee]
"Shall the Aptos Fire Protection District be authorized to impose a special benefit fee on real property within the District for fire protection, prevention and other public services rendered by the District under the Fire Protection District Law of 1961 (Health and Safety Code Sections 13801 and following) for the benefit of the residents of the Aptos Fire Protection District, such fee not to exceed the amount specified in the ordinance for unimproved land, agricultural parcels, improved residential parcels, developed commercial and industrial parcels, developed institutional parcels, and miscellaneous other parcels? Such fee shall only be imposed for a period of three (3) years." Required 2/3 vote. No vote count found.

Measure B (1983 June)
[Central Santa Cruz County Fire Protection Agency. Special Tax]
[Ordinance No. 1983-16 imposing a special tax for fire protection, prevention, and other services of the Central Santa Cruz county Fire Protection Agency.] Required 2/3 vote. No vote count found.