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Local Ballot Measures

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Measure A (1988 June)
County of Santa Cruz Referendum Ordinance Authorizing Hotel/Conference/Performing Arts Center/Recreation Uses on Porter-Sesnon Property
"Shall the Ordinance be adopted to:
(a) Amend the County General Plan, County Local Coastal Plan, and the County Code regarding the 66-acre Porter-Sesnon property to authorize approval by the Board of Supervisors of the Wingspread Beach Project which, as modified by the Board of Supervisors in its review of the Project, would include the following:

1. A 468-unit hotel/conference center providing substantial annual revenue for County-wide needs;
2. A performing arts center paid for and subsidized by revenue from the project;
3. Local public and private recreational facilities provided as part of the project, including three sports fields on the property and an additional sports field off-site;
4. Public beach access and public parking facilities constructed and maintained as part of the project;
5. Funds provided by the project to improve Park Avenue and State Park intersections with Highway One; and

(b) Amend the County Code (Fiscal Responsibility Ordinance) to expressly authorize the County to receive a lease or title interest in the Porter-Sesnon property at no cost to the County?" Failed. Yes: 25,891 No: 47,411

Measure B (1988 June)
[City of Watsonville. Special Municipal Housing Project]
"Do the qualified electors of the City of Watsonville approve the development, construction, or acquisition by private or public developers, of 96 dwelling units, at a density of not more than 16 units per site, for low and moderate income families and for the blind, elderly, and disabled?" Approved. Yes: 2,896 No: 1,406

Measure C (1988 June)
[City of Watsonville. Charter Amendment. City Council Compensation]
"Shall the Charter of the City of Watsonville be amended by amending Section 405 of Article IV thereof to provide that the compensation for each Council Member shall be increased from an amount not to exceed Fifty ($50.00) Dollars per month to an amount not to exceed Three Hundred ($300.00) Dollars per month as currently established by Government Code Section 36516(a) for a city population up to 35,000 persons, which Section may be amended from time to time by the State Legislature; the text of which is set forth in Section 3 of Resolution No. 32-88(CM) adopted by the Council of the City of Watsonville, on Tuesday, February 2, 1988, and on file in the Office of the City Clerk?" Approved. Yes: 2,141 No: 2,105

Measure D (1988 June)
Branciforte Fire Protection District. Change of Appropriations Limit.
"Shall an ordinance submitted by the Branciforte Fire Protection District Board of Directors to the voters of the Branciforte Fire Protection District of Santa Cruz County be approved in order to change the district appropriations limit and to provide continued funding for fire protection, prevention and other services rendered by the district under the Fire Protection District Law of 1987, as amended (Health and Safety Code Section 13800 and following) for the benefit of the residents of the Branciforte Fire Protection District?" Approved. Yes: 693 No: 59

Measure E (1988 June)
Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District. Special Tax
"Shall the Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District be authorized to impose a 'voter approved special tax' on real property within the 'Day Valley Annexation - LAFCO No. 720' for fire protection, prevention and other public services rendered by the District. Such tax shall not excced the amount specified in the resolution for unimproved land, agricultural parcels, improved residential parcels, developed commercial parcels, and miscellaneous other parcels, and shall proceeds from this proposition be excluded from the District's Proposition 4 spending limitation (Article XIIB of the California Constitution?
The certificate of completion which finalizes annexation of the Day Valley area to the Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District will be recorded only if this special tax is approved by two-thirds of the votes cast by voters voting upon this proposition." Approved. Required 2/3 vote. Yes: 377 No: 156