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Local Ballot Measures

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Measure J (2002 November)
Pajaro Valley Unified School District $58.25 Million General Obligation Bond.
"Aptos and Watsonville Area School Improvements. To improve Aptos High School by constructing, upgrading, equipping a performing arts center, classrooms, cafeteria, athletic facilities, parking/traffic safety improvements; to construct, improve, equip Watsonville Area Schools, including libraries, athletic facilities, cafeterias, classroom spaces, parking, high school facilities, shall Pajaro Valley Unified School District issue $58,250,000 of bonds ($24,036,000 for Aptos High School/$34,214,000 for Watsonville area schools) at legal rates, with citizen oversight, annual audits and no money for administrators' salaries?" Approved. 55% vote required. Yes: 11,299. No: 5,713

Measure O (2002 November)
Santa Cruz County Transient Occupancy Surtax.
"TOURISM PROMOTION -- TRANSIENT OCCUPANCY SURTAX. Shall the Board of Supervisors be authorized to impose a special tax through enactment of an ordinance establishing a 1% surtax on rent charged to guests of hotels and other transient accommodations located within the unincorporated area of Santa Cruz County, in addition to the amount now payable under the County's existing Uniform Transient Occupancy Tax, for the purpose of protecting the local economy by the promotion of tourism in Santa Cruz County?" Failed. Required 2/3 vote. Yes: 20,243. No: 13,396

Measure P (2002 November)
City of Santa Cruz Initiative Petition to Repeal Utility Users Tax.
"Shall Chapter 3.29 of the Santa Cruz Municipal Code which levies a Utility Users Tax upon persons in the City of Santa Cruz be repealed?" Failed. Yes: 4,293. No: 12,773

Measure Q (2002 November)
City of Santa Cruz Tax on Hotel Occupants.
"Shall the City of Santa Cruz adopt an ordinance amending Section 3.28.030 of the Municipal Code by imposing a special one percent (1%) transient occupancy tax and dedicating the revenues from that special tax to the Santa Cruz County Conference and Visitors Council?" Failed. Required 2/3 vote. Yes: 9,191. No: 7,373

Measure R (2002 November)
City of Scotts Valley Utility Users' Tax.
"To prevent reductions in general City services and programs, shall the existing utility users' tax of 4% on electricity and gas utilities, established by the City in 1992, be affirmed and ratified fixing the rate of tax at 4% on all gas and electrical charges only? A "YES" vote on Measure R is a vote to continue in place the Scotts Valley utility users tax at its present rate of 4% on electric and gas utilities. A "NO" vote on Measure R is a vote to discontinue the existing Scotts Valley utility users tax." Approved. Yes: 2,553. No: 879