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Local Ballot Measures

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Measure A (2003 June)
San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Parcel Tax
"To minimize educational cuts, including science instructors, qualified teachers, and school libraries, shall the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District collect $11.25/month per taxable parcel for five years, with independent citizen oversight and exemptions for parcels owned/occupied by seniors (65+), for educational purposes such as: Smaller class sizes, Retaining qualified teachers, Science and computer instruction, Arts and music education, Advanced classes for college preparation, and shall the Districtís annual appropriations limit be raised by such amount?" Failed. Required 2/3 vote. Yes: 2,736. No: 2,648.

Measure B (2003 June)
Santa Cruz City Elementary School District Parcel Tax
"To prevent closure of neighborhood elementary schools; preserve class size reduction (K-3) and prevent 60% increase in class size; purchase textbooks and instructional materials; fund art,music and academic programs; retain quality teachers and librarians, shall the Santa Cruz City Elementary School District levy an assessment of $6.75/month per parcel for five years, beginning July 1, 2003, exempting parcels owned/occupied by seniors (65+), with independent community oversight and accountability to ensure funds are used only to improve student learning?" Approved. Required 2/3 vote. Yes: 7,524. No: 3,576.

Measure C (2003 June)
Pajaro Fire Protection District Bond
"Shall the Pajaro Valley Fire Protection District be authorized to issue general obligation bonds in a principal amount not exceeding $1,000,000 and bearing interest at rates within the legal limit, to assist in constructing a new fire station facility, pay costs related to bond issuance, and levy a special tax based on assessed valuation on taxable real property and improvements in the district to pay for the bonds and the cost of administering them?" Failed. Required 2/3 vote. Yes: 748. No: 397.