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Local Ballot Measures

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Measure H (2010 November)
Santa Cruz City - Amendment to Users Tax
"To preserve the safety and quality of life of the City of Santa Cruz through City services—including law enforcement, fire protection, emergency medical response, park maintenance and youth programs—and to ensure that all taxpayers are treated fairly, shall the City’s existing utility users tax be broadened to include changes in technology and laws, and increased by 1.5%, while including protections for low-income residents and seniors, and ensuring that all funds remain local?" Approved. Yes: 10,073. No: 5,936.
Full Text courtesy of the Santa Cruz County Elections Department.

Measure Z (November 2010)
Aromas San Juan Unified School District Bond
"To improve the quality of public education, attract qualified teachers, provide up-to-date science labs/classrooms /technology without increasing current tax rates, shall Aromas San Juan Unified School District equip classrooms with effective heating and cooling systems, upgrade aging plumbing, lighting/electrical systems, renovate restrooms, cafeteria, pay off facilities loans, repair, construct school facilities/acquire equipment, by issuing $9,700,000 in bonds at legal interest rates, with mandatory audits, independent citizen oversight, no administrator salaries, and all money staying local?" Approved. Required 55% vote.
Full Text courtesy of the Santa Cruz County Elections Department.