Local Ballot Measures

Full Text of Measure A (2002 March)

The full text of this measure was copied from the Santa Cruz County Elections Department Website.

Soquel Union Elementary School District Bond

Shall the Soquel Union Elementary School District repair and renovate all five existing schools at their current locations (not including Jade Street Park):

  • Eliminate safety hazards and make health/safety improvements,
  • Upgrade inadequate electrical systems,
  • Upgrade inadequate heating/ventilation systems,
  • Replace deteriorated facilities,
  • Modernize and construct classrooms, libraries, computer stations, restrooms, and facilities to improve inadequate conditions and overcrowding,
  • Provide handicapped access,

by issuing $15 million of bonds at interest rates below the legal limit?

The following are the specific school facilities projects to be funded as identified through a district-wide review process involving and agreed upon by representatives from all schools:

Capitola Elementary School

  • Modernize all existing permanent classrooms
  • Modernize existing and add student restrooms
  • Modernize and expand existing multipurpose room
  • Repave asphalt play areas
  • Paving, utility and landscaping improvements

Main Street Elementary School

  • Construct new student restrooms
  • Repair concrete stairs and install railings

Santa Cruz Gardens Elementary School

  • Upgrade main/sub electrical panel and distribution system
  • Replace existing intercom system with integrated phone/intercom/PA system
  • Replace existing fire alarm system for entire school
  • Construct walkway canopies
  • Demolish and replace asphalt in play areas and related site work
  • Replace carpeting
  • Redirect drainage around classroom and replace floors
  • Construct new multipurpose room/cafeteria
  • Improve restroom including disabled access
  • Demolish and replace uneven concrete walkways
  • Resurface parking lot
  • Replace windows

Soquel Elementary School

  • Replace boiler heating system with individual gas-fired units
  • Replace sewer system
  • Replace classroom and restroom plumbing
  • Replace roofing on main building, auditorium and relocatable classrooms
  • Replace asphalt path in front of school with concrete pathway
  • Replace electrical service main/sub panels and distribution throughout school
  • Replace ADA noncompliant ramps
  • Prepare classrooms for computer wiring
  • Add motion detectors for security
  • Improve restroom including access for the disabled
  • Replace asphalt between and around library and classrooms, in kindergarten area and related site work.
  • Replace damaged windows
  • Replace casework in administration office
  • Install lift for the disabled in the multi-use room
New Brighton Middle School
  • Modernize all permanent classrooms
  • Replace some relocatables with permanent classrooms
  • Modernize restrooms
  • Modernize resource/meeting and special teaching spaces
  • Construct new staff/administration offices
  • Construct new multipurpose/stage/cafeteria room
  • Construct new central kitchen
  • Add new restrooms
  • Add new play areas
  • Pave hard-court play area
  • Construct and repave parking areas
  • Provide landscaping around new structures
  • Provide utility improvements as required

As required by the California Constitution, the proceeds from the sale of the bonds will be used only for the provision of school facilities by construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or replacement of existing school facilities, including the furnishing and equipping of school facilities, and not for any other purpose, including teacher and administrator salaries and other school operating expenses. In addition, the proceeds from the sale of the bond will only be used for construction and modernization of all five current district schools at their existing locations and not for any other locations such as Jade Street Park. The proceeds of the bonds will be deposited to a Building Fund and the chief fiscal officer of the District will annually file a report with the Board of Trustees, which report shall contain information regarding the amount of funds collected and expended, as well as the status of the projects listed in the ballot measure.