Local Ballot Measures

Full Text of Measure J (2002 November)

The full text of this measure was copied from the Santa Cruz County Elections Department Website, www.votescount.com.

Pajaro Valley Unified School District Bond Measure

The following is the full proposition presented to the voters by the Pajaro Valley Unified School District.

"Aptos and Watsonville Area School Improvements. To improve APTOS HIGH SCHOOL by constructing, upgrading, equipping a performing arts center, classrooms, cafeteria, athletic facilities, parking/traffic safety improvements; to construct, improve, equip WATSONVILLE AREA SCHOOLS, including libraries, athletic facilities, cafeterias, classroom spaces, parking, high school facilities, shall Pajaro Valley Unified School District issue $58,250,000 of bonds ($24,036,000 for Aptos High School/$ 34,214,000 for Watsonville area schools) at legal rates, with citizen oversight, annual audits and no money for administrators' salaries?"

The Board of Trustees (the "Board") of the Pajaro Valley Unified School District (the "District") has conducted numerous public meetings to define the projects listed below. A volunteer Community Facilities Committee, representing parents and community members from all the attendance areas in the District, has worked exhaustively to agree on the proposed projects.

In allocating the bond money, the District has established two areas within the District. The north area represents the attendance area of the Aptos Junior High School (the "North Zone"). Bond monies allocated to the North Zone may only be spent for facilities in the North Zone. The central and south areas represent all the area of the District not included in the Aptos Junior High School attendance area, generally, Watsonville area schools (the "Central and South Zones"). Bond monies allocated to the Central and South Zones may only be spent on projects in the Central and South Zones.

The Citizens Oversight Committee shall have the responsibility to ensure that this legally binding allocation of bond monies between the North Zone and the Central and South Zones is strictly enforced.


The Board of Trustees of the Pajaro Valley Unified School District has evaluated safety, class size reduction, and information technology needs in developing the scope of school facility projects to be funded, as outlined in the various master plans for each school site and the BMR Bond Project Report, on file with the Public Information Office of the District.

NORTH ZONE (Aptos Area)

Implementation of the Master Plan for Aptos High School, including a new performing arts center, classroom spaces, gym, athletic fields and stadium upgrades, pool complex, facilities renovation, including the old gym and multi-use cafeteria, and projects for the benefit of Aptos High School



Improvements to Watsonville High School, including site work, new gymnasium, pool complex, science building renovations, athletic facilities, student center, parking and traffic safety upgrades, including projects that benefit Watsonville High School


Improvements to Mintie White Elementary School, including construction of a new multi-purpose room with appropriate food service equipment and a library


Improvements to E.A. Hall Middle School, including expansion of the existing gym


Phase II expansion improvement to a third high school consisting of the construction of a permanent cafeteria, provided that it is constructed within the area approved by the California State Department of Education's Division of Aeronautics. No bond money will be spent at the third high school unless the project is located within the footprint approved by the Division of Aeronautics



Retirement of interim funding for site acquisition and construction of classrooms, bathrooms, libraries, and other instructional facilities


The timing of the expenditure of bond proceeds will be affected by the District's receipt of State matching funds and the final costs of each project. While the budget for each project is an estimate and may be affected by factors beyond the District's control, the allocation of bond money between the North Zone and the Central and South Zones may not be altered.