Local Ballot Measures

Full Text of Measure A (2003 June)

The full text of this measure was copied from the Santa Cruz County Elections Department Website, www.votescount.com

San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Parcel Tax

To minimize educational cuts, including science instructors, qualified teachers, and school libraries, maintain high-quality education in local schools; attract and retain experienced, qualified teachers; support art, music, science, computer instruction and other programs, shall San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District collect a parcel tax of $11.25 per month per taxable parcel, with required citizen oversight, exemptions for parcels owned and occupied by persons 65 years or older, for five years, and shall the District's annual appropriations limit be raised by such amount, by undertaking actions such as:

  1. support smaller class sizes;
  2. attract, hire and retain qualified and experienced teachers and other employees;
  3. support programs such as music, art, science and computer instruction;
  4. support school libraries;
  5. support career preparation curriculum and advanced placement courses for college preparation.

An exemption shall be granted for any parcel owned by one or more persons 65 years of age or over who occupies said parcel as a principal residence, upon one-time application for exemption.

This Measure will also increase the District's Gann Appropriation Limit in an amount equal to the levy of special taxes for said year, as permitted by Article XIIIB, Section 4 of the California Constitution. This increase is required for the District to use the revenues generated by the tax.

To insure additional accountability, an independent community oversight committee shall be appointed by the Board of Trustees to oversee all expenditures funded by the measure to ensure that said funds are spent wisely and used only for purposes approved by the voters. The oversight committee shall monitor the expenditures of these funds by the District and shall report on an annual basis to the community on how these funds have been spent.