Local Ballot Measures

Full Text of Measure C (2003 June)

The full text of this measure was copied from the Santa Cruz County Elections Department Website, www.votescount.com

Pajaro Fire Protection District Bond


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of the Pajaro Valley Fire Protection District as follows:

  1. The above recitals [which have been omitted in this pamphlet] are true and correct and are hereby incorporated herein by reference as findings.

  2. The construction of a new fire station facility on certain real property that has been donated to and is owned by the Foothill Firefighters' Association, a non-profit organization, and located within the boundaries of the Pajaro Valley Fire Protection District, which real property has been leased to the District for a term of fifty (50) years (with an option to renew for an additional ten [10] -year period), has been proposed. The real property on which the new facility is proposed to be constructed is located immediately adjacent to the existing fire station facility located at 562 Casserly Road, Watsonville, California 95076, and constitutes a portion of the real property commonly known as Santa Cruz County Assessor's Parcel No. 109-201-21.

  3. Pursuant to Section 13925 of the California Health and Safety Code, the Board does hereby find, determine, and declare that in order to assist in financing the construction of the aforesaid proposed fire station facility it is necessary to incur a General Obligation bond indebtedness.

  4. The purpose for which the proposed debt is to be incurred is to provide a portion of the funds necessary to pay for the cost of construction of said proposed fire station facility and expenses incidental thereto, including, but not limited to, architectural and engineering fees and costs, as well as to pay all expenses incurred by the District in connection with the conducting of proceedings for the authorization, issuance, and sale of bonds. The District will utilize available funds on hand to cover the remaining portion of the cost of construction of the new fire station facility.

  5. The construction of the fire station facility is necessary to carry out the objects, purposes and powers of the District.

  6. The cost of construction of the fire station facility, and the expenses incidental thereto, is and will be too great to be paid out of the ordinary revenue available to the District after the District meets the costs of providing services pursuant to Section 13862 of the Health and Safety Code.

  7. The maximum amount of the proposed debt to be incurred is $1,000,000.

  8. The maximum term the bonds proposed to be issued shall run before maturity shall not exceed thirty (30) years from the date of issuance.

  9. Consistent with Section 53531 of the California Government Code, the maximum rate of interest to be paid on the bonds shall not exceed twelve percent (12%) per year payable semiannually, unless a higher rate is permitted by law.

  10. To pay the interest and principal, and any premium, on any bonds issued, as well as the cost of administering them, the District proposes to annually levy for thirty (30) years thereafter or until the bonds are fully paid a special tax on all taxable real property and improvements located within the boundaries of the Pajaro Valley Fire Protection District, at a rate sufficient for these purposes and based on assessed valuation.

  11. Pursuant to Sections 13925 et seq. of the California Health and Safety Code, this Board hereby calls a District-wide special election for June 3, 2003 at which the proposition of authorizing the District to incur the General Obligation bond indebtedness in connection with the construction of a new fire station facility shall be submitted to the voters, along with the proposition of the levy of the special tax.